“Here is a Natural Way to Get All Day Long Energy and Mental Clarity without Coffee or Stimulants”


Then, that's when I noticed it. I suddenly really wanted to go for a bike ride or a walk or something. Right now, I'm waiting for some friends of mine to come over so we can head over to the park, and I'm really just bubbling with excitement to go out and get some exercise. I'm pretty shocked with how something so simple has such a profound effect. I'm looking forward to more info as it comes along. Also I'm going to do this tomorrow morning first thing and see how that affects my day.

Joshua Sallach
Instant Energy Execises - Beta Tester


Hi Roger,

Thank you for offering this video at such a great price. I'm glad to have this secret in my hands -- I must say that after only a few days my energy is indeed increased, my appetite decreased, and for the first time in many years I am actually tired at night and able to get a full night of rest. I can't wait to see further benefits when I increase the number of repetitions I am able to do over time.

Please keep discovering your secrets and sharing them with all of us. It is very much appreciated.




Here's What's Inside the Instant Energy Exercises Program

10 Instant Energy Exercises Videos

These 10-videos include exercises for the lower and upper body. Many of the exercises are very simple to do and we also have more advanced exercises.

The Instant Energy Exercises Do 3 Main Things:

1. They give you extra physical and mental energy. But you won't feel hyperactive. It's a calm and focused energy.

2. They also generate a natural high in most of the people who've beta-tested the exercises. In fact, they often increases the desire to exercise as well.

3. They produce a state of mental clarity and throughout most of your day so that you can reach peak performance levels even when everyone else around you is going into their afternoon doze.

This results in extra productivity and a result could even mean increased income due to your heightened productivity levels. It's certainly increased my personal output levels.

That afternoon or early evening sense of mental exhaustion just goes away.

A Big Side Benefit

As a side benefit (and this is a big - side benefit) these exercises also get you into great shape and effectively exercise and build up many parts of the body while you're increasing your energy levels.

Actually there are many more side benefits than the one's mentioned. For instance there's one exercise that builds your energy levels, increases your aerobic capacity or fitness and strengthens your abs and core in just 3-minutes while it's detoxifying your body and giving you a natural high.

Note: All videos are in instantly downloadable .WMV or .MP4 format. If you use a Mac computer we have detailed instructions and options for viewing the videos.

We suggest you don't try downloading the video files with a regular dialup Internet connection. Please have access to at least a DSL, Cable Modem or similar high speed connection to the Internet.

I'd suggest a minimum of about .5 MBPS download speed. It can be a little slower it's just that your downloads will take longer to finish the slower your connection is. A dialup connection could take a day to download just one video.

Fast Action Bonuses

1. How to Skyrocket your Energy and Peak Performance Levels with the Pleasure Method - MP3 Audio

It's so easy a 5-year old can do it.

2. The Warrior Technique - Unlock the MIGHTY FORCE that OBLITERATES Bad Habits, Addictions and Cravings with Ease!

Comes in a written format with guided audio visualization in mp3 format. This is one of my most powerful weapons for fighting addictions of any kind. Please use it to get yourself off of stimulants like coffee, tea, soda and the mislabled "energy drinks."

3. Lifetime Product Updates

I'll be adding several other bonuses that have already been created or in the process of being created. You are entitled to all of those bonuses and or product updates.

Also as I find other natural and healthy ways to increase energy levels I'll be adding them as well.

You'll Also Get the Childlike Energy Secret as Super Special Bonus Gift to You

The Childlike Energy Secret - $20.00 Value

Comes as a downloadable video file with directions written in text as well.


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I understand I'll be downloading the entire "Instant Energy Exercises System" including the 10-downloadable videos and detailed written instructions. I'll also be getting "The Pleasure Method to Peak Performance" bonus audio, The Addiction Smashing Warrior Technique and Lifetime Updates for a small one-time payment of just $77 when I act now!

NOTE: this is NOT a physical DVD that requires shipping... so you can start watching moments from now on your computer.

Instant Energy Exercises

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